Server Backup

Server Backup: The safer the better

Server Backup: The safer the better

Backing up is easy to forget about until something goes wrong. And then it’s too late. LeaseWeb Backup is easy to set up and gives you a fast and scalable server backup solution to protect your most precious asset.


  • Easy to download and installs in minutes
  • Fast disaster recovery
  • Quick data restore


  • High scalability
  • Multi-OS support
  • Manage everything from one easy to use portal


  • Multi redundancy and automatic vaulting
  • Proven technology
  • Email warnings when storage capacity is reached

More and more data, less and less time, tighter and tighter budgets. There are so many pressures when you’re considering which backup option to use. And you need to think of the future too: How will the backup solution scale? Is it heterogeneous for your multi-platform environments LeaseWeb Backup provides an affordable, disk-based backup solution for all kinds of environments that guarantees to keep your business up and running should the worst happen.

Block storage saves space and speeds up backup

The first time you perform a full backup an initial replica of your complete data is created. After this only those blocks which have actually been modified are backed up. This not only makes it quicker to backup but saves storage space, reduces disk I/O and saves data traffic.

Restore large file systems fast

Block-level backup enables bare-metal restores. In the event of disaster, it is a faster alternative to file/folder restores. This technology streams blocks directly to disks, significantly speeding up the restoration of large file systems or even entire servers.

Manage your backups with an easy to use interface

You can manage all your servers easily using our customer portal. Browse, download and restore files from specific recovery points you choose. Choose which files or folders you want to include or exclude from the backup. Or see detailed progress of replication and restore jobs as they run. But please remember: You are solely responsible for the quality of your backups so be vigilant when checking the completion process.

Backup your backup with multi-redundancy

To ensure the most secure solution LeaseWeb Backup provides data protection by default. This service is free of charge. Once you have arranged a backup schedule we will create a copy to a second backup platform to ensure it is saved in case of a storage failure.

Always be prepared with storage notifications

When storage capacity is almost at maximum, we’ll send you an email to warn you so you can take necessary measures such as reducing retention period or increasing storage capacity. You’ll also receive email notifications when your storage capacity is at maximum.

Multi-OS support

Our backup solutions support all the OS options that we currently run on our dedicated servers. They also offer advanced data protection for Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, and MySQL (including MariaDB and Percona Server).