Big Data

Big data loves Dedicated Hosting.

Virtualization’s great for some tasks but when it comes to big data only the raw power of Dedicated Servers will do. For I/O or CPU intensive operations like location analysis, real-time monitoring or media processing, these servers deliver power, availability and security.

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Application-specific solutions

How we meet Big Data needs

The performance your data needs.

Build the server you want with our fully-customizable dedicated server solutions. RAM, SSD, hard drives, network uplinks… it’s entirely up to you.

Where speed is of the essence.

Our technology partners network is one of the largest in the world, delivering a staggering 99.9999% uptime and 5.0 Tbps bandwidth capacity. With fully redundant architecture via state of the art data centers across the globe, you can count on uncompromising reliability and availability.

Save money by scaling as you need.

You can deploy new bare metal servers as you need them – all from the comfort of your chair. And because it’s so easy to scale up and down, you’ll only be paying for what you need.