Ad Serving

Make ads work harder

You want to make the biggest impact on end users, but how can you deliver immersive, rich media ads without slowing down the sites they're sitting on? Raise conversion rates with hi-def ads delivered at high speed, and deploy more servers with the click of a mouse when needed.

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Along with our technology partner, we provide a winning combination of great technology with a first-class service. This ranges from colocation to cloud with 24/7 support from their highly professional staff.

How we meet ad-serving needs

High impact ads with no slowdown.

Ours technology partner's next-generation Content Delivery Network (CDN) includes adaptive video streaming, advanced origin protection and instantaneous content purging. So, you can deliver high-impact, high-definition ads without disruption.

Optimum performance for every ad.

Ours technology partner's hybrid infrastructure solutions blend the best of the public and private cloud with dedicated servers to create one common architecture. You’ll benefit from optimal cost-efficiency, security, reliability, performance, and control without compromise.

Fast and reliable delivery all around the world.

When your global campaign has to work from Amsterdam to Addis Ababa, you need a network you can trust. Our network delivers uncompromising resiliency and high availability, with massive bandwidth capacity, a fully redundant architecture and 99.9999% core uptime.